Booo-Hoooooo! Look at my big old owie!
All in all we had a pretty good weekend! Starting with a piano recital on Friday night... it was excellent!... sliding into documentation of a day in the life for the Mayday project ...a great soccer game (tied 1-1) .....revised plans to go up north, changing the plans from a Saturday trip to Sunday... getting our cable modem connected to make rainy days more fun up there.... and culminating in 'the scar!'

'The best laid plans.....' and blah blah blah.... we were scheduled to meet with Geoff and take some pictures of him at the lake. Not happening. Nature intervened and we had wind and rain all weekend! Better luck next time. Was glad to get on the net before coming home... We got some great cold pictures of the lighthouse at Ludington harbor (brrrrrrrrr!). All ready to go home, this old brawd, carrying a full tote in one hand and a can of Diet Pepsi in the other, proceeded up the steep little mini-hill by the cottage to get in the car.... kabooom! Crash... yell... cry... yell some more.... When i stepped up, my knees didn't want to bend in the correct direction and i fell... my face was bleeding! My 'doctor' gave me an icepack which may have prevented a lot of swelling... we shall see. The cheek hurt so much we didn't notice the right knee was skinned until we got home 2-1/2 hours later... and the tibia bone of my left leg is bruised and swollen!

Wah wah wah! It'll heal! Meanwhile... pity me....

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