Jenna won the million dollars on Survivor... Jenna!!!... the biggest loser in the remaining four this week! Wah wah wah... can't do anything without a man... wah wah wah... 'my tiny body can't take it any longer'... wah wah wah... 'the other women are jealous because we're young and beautiful'... 'I'm hungry.. let's get naked for peanut butter!'... wah wah wah... 'my beauty is a handicap'... sorry little swimsuit model Jenna won a million dollars! Good heavens! She even played the 'poor pitiful me' card at the last moment when she had her last word before the vote!

I'll admit the tv cameras didn't necessarily tell us the true story about the participants' personalities. Maybe as Jenna told us after it was over, she's just young and learning about life and isn't really that mean. We know the producers showed us segments of the survivors' lives based on the slant they wanted us to perceive. I'm sure the Jury - who lived intimately with her - had a clearer perspective of the 'inner person' involved in the game. Whatever her true strategy - or lack thereof - Jenna did win! Whether it was truly strategy, only she knows for sure, but you've got to admit that luck played a major role! She, with her 'tiny sick body' won the last three immunities... even the 'pole perch' at the end - which Matt probably would have won if he hadn't stopped prematurely!

What message was sent out with the results of the final Survivor vote?When in a competition...
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