Last weekend was a busy one...but we had some relaxing times. The newest photo on the left was one of them. We went in to Ludington on an errand and had a picnic while we were there. Visiting the City Harbor brought back memories of an earlier time... when we were sailing our 36 foot ketch around from the Saginaw Bay in Lake Huron to Lake Michigan. Even though the boat was new, we had a minor mechanical problem as we entered the Ludington harbor and, because we had to get back to our jobs we left the boat in Ludington for a couple of weeks.

As much as I enjoyed sailing that big boat, I don't miss it all that much now that we've retired it. We had some harried experiences sometimes... with a sailboat you can go out on the lake in perfect weather, but if a storm comes up you don't really have time to get in to a harbor fast enough to suit me! Ludington was one of those times. We were sailing south toward Muskegon and approaching Big Sable Point we had really rough water and winds! It can be kind of scarey... even though you know the boat will make it you wonder about yourself! After the point we were in a bay and the weather calmed... almost like turning off a switch!

Last summer we visited the Big Sable Lighthouse... climbed all the way up! The life of a lighthouse keeper back in the old days must have been tiring! I must say, I now prefer viewing that beautiful lake from the ground... and the view from the lighthouse is spectacular!

... and now on to Random Question; Random Days...
How do you feel about your alarm clock?
Big smile! I don't use an alarm clock anymore because i don't have to. I just wake up naturally, and somehow it's still relatively early - around 8:00 a.m. most mornings. Somehow my body let's me get around eight hours of sleep, then it's done..... but on those rare occasions when I must get up super early, I'm glad it's a loud and persistent one.

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