Newspapers - pro or con... a point to ponder on a recent meme i obediently responded to! Luv those things! the newspaper query was timely... had just this week decided to stop daily delivery after a lifetime of newspapers gathering in the very corners of my existence. At one point in our long marriage we even received two papers daily... the local rag and the Wall Street Journal... and magazines? Don't get me started! The worst of this addiction is that we couldn't possibly read all that stuff. Gradually we've tapered off on the quantity of mags... opting for a few top quality.

Now the newspapers! We get more and more paper... less and less news... what's that all about? Recently i find myself reading one or two issues per week. We also watch the local news every day... typically the same news, with the same biases even. Why do i need a newspaper? ... for the advertisements, the few coupons, and ?... that's about it i guess. When we first subscribed to the newspaper, television was just becoming a household appliance. Now we have several computers sitting around. How times have changed!

First thing i do in the morning is - turn on the computer... my Yahoo homepage gives me the news. For detail, we watch cable news... if i want local news i can always read highlights of the daily paper on the internet. Golly gee. What am i missing... the funnies? Can find all i want online! Hmmm... now that's a no-brainer. If we're just getting the paper for the advertised bargains, we'll join the increasing numbers who buy the local Sunday newspaper. What more do we need?

I finally made the decision to drop all but Sunday papers when i read The Saginaw News last week after our President's ceremonious landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln. It was an inspirational event for me; i thought it was beautiful. Where did the local rag report the event?... on page 3, middle of the page. What was the big headline for the day? Well what could be bigger news that the new roller coaster at Cedar Point? That's right folks... that rag featured an amusement park toy over a momentous occasion in our country's history! That was the day i convinced my spouse we could live without the daily crapper...uh... paper!

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