Okay i'm gonna do it! I'm up to my eyeballs in the crappy mess Blogger is in since Google bought the boys out! It looks like Big Busines has screwed up a good thing one more time! It's with mixed feelings i say and do this because Google is my first choice search machine... they are the best in the business! But blogger sucks since they took over. Glad Google made the boys rich; it's nice to see somebody get paid for their efforts; too bad they had to 'fix' something that wasn't broke... because now it is! bye bye Blogger!

My 'Stuff' blog is so messed up right now.... and i've not even done a thing with it!

Here's an FYI - WebCrimson allows you to import templates, etc. from other blogs.... i already have a couple of blogs there and i'm going to try adding one of the blogger blogs.... will keep you posted. (grimace.... i can't smile while i'm being screwed!)

Background? No, it's not what i was going for but it's getting there.....

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