Okey dokey! I have another page for all my memes and stuff but this particular meme inspired me to go on and on about it and i really really think the thoughts i express concerning the hormone therapy controversy need to be shared with as many women as possible. I've been taking estrogen and progesterone for at least 15 years now and believe in it as a wonder treatment for many women! I know in my heart that the big bureaucratic government machine that tries to make this the most perfect of all possible worlds, in it's zeal to do so harms more people than they help!!! Women who hear ... 'the latest tests indicate....' don't wait to hear the part that says '...an extremely small percent of the total group experienced blah blah blah...' They quit using this great tool. Yes! Hormone therapy isn't for everybody but if you are, like i am, in the small risk group... big hips, favorable family history, etc. don't jump out of this frying pan into that great big boiling cauldron of oil! Think before you leap.

When i went to June's What's On................Right Now? beautiful website, this is truly what was on my mind at the time.
What's On your mind Right Now?
Would you believe...... nothing? Of course not! I don't think that's possible; even when you 'let your mind stray' it's somewhere. Okay, what's on my mind at this moment is... the pro's and con's of using estrogen therapy after menopause. The Today Show just featured a doctor discussing the latest 'finding' about women using estrogen therapy... where we previously thought it helps prevent dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, the report was an indication of increased dementia in a small subgroup of women in the government-sponsored testing. I take Premarin and Progesterone and... ask anybody who knows me... i think there are nothing but benefits associated with that choice!

All of these government tests are geared to make 'a perfect world' i guess because, i have a greater chance of having an airplane fall on my house than i do for some of these so-called risks! Okay, my house is almost a direct line to the airport, so it might be considered in the landing pattern for a large number of domestic airlines.

I'm quoting various doctors when i say...
My decision about my hormone therapy? I will continue it... but of course i will discuss it with my doctor when i see her in June. You HAD to ask, didn't you? With the kind of stuff on my mind almost all the time.... i think i have as much chance of developing dementia as i do of giving birth at the tender age of sixty-something!

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