Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday May 20
Once again, today's question is inspired by my calendar! "Joy comes from within." Do you feel you are joyful, why or why not? Or, just comment on the quote. A perfect quote! It is so right... feeling 'in the dumps' and dwelling on it will only keep you 'in the dumps' just as seeing the humor in a situation can bring up your spirits and bring you joy! I think I'm a 'joyful' sort of person... most of the time. There are, however, times when that joy gets buried under somebody else's misfortune or unhappiness... especially if that someone else is one of my own family members! I think my glass is generally half full (if it's not full to the brim) rather than half empty! Loved your question, Windy, as I love you!

For more of my memes answers, here's where i keep a lot of Stuff... today i participated in two other memes... This-or-That Tuesday and Treasure-Try It-Trash.

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