Random Questions; Random Days.... Friday May 16!
Windy at RQ; RD... posted the following thought for today. I think it's the kind of question that deserves more than a quick answer.

'I found the following quote in my daily calendar. There is no author noted, but I thought it would be a good thought to comment on. So...'
"Of all best things upon the earth, a faithful friend is the best." Write a bit about your best friend, how did you become friends, etc...

Until i met Frank, 'best friends' were almost a myth. They would come; they would go. Call it the fickleness of childhood and the teen years... call it luck... call it lack of charisma(?)... no i don't think so..... my young experience taught me that you can have lots of 'fair weather friends' but as a kid, i never met a girl that i could fully trust as a true friend. The full extent of this observation would probably involve another blog, another topic, and probably a shrink!

...so onward with the current blog. My best friend, my husband, has been my best friend for forty-eight years. It was spring 1955. I was eighteen... went to a small neighborhood bar with my girlfriend, Mary Lynn and her mother (a young widow) to dance and chill out. Was too young to drink and didn't try to get served. It was just fun and a 'girl's night out' kind of thing. Two guys that we'd never seen before came in - they were too young to drink also - and we danced all evening. (Funny, i couldn't drag him onto a dance floor now!) We were inseparable from that night to the present day. In September of the same year we married.

Oh yes! We've argued... we've screamed at each other... at one vulnerable point in my life i even threatened to leave him forever... but love (or stubbornness, or tenacity, or hey! perhaps a mean streak... call it what you will) prevailed. We raised six daughters... and we're proud of every one of them; sent them all to college even though some of them chose to 'finish up' on their own, as adults. We've lived in the same house for forty-three years... done major remodeling jobs on it twice... both worked full-time jobs... retired in the same year.

We've camped in a tent; spent weekends and vacations with six kids on an old houseboat we purchased for a good price; sailed from Port Clinton, Ohio to the Saginaw Bay (just the two of us) on our 36 ft. Formosa ketch; then sailed it under the Mackinaw Bridge across the straits of Mackinaw to Muskegon Lake. After we retired we retired the sailboat (it's currently for sale at a great price) and tried camping in a pop-up camper for awhile... didn't like it and camped in a nice little travel trailor... which led us to the small cottage we bought on a small lake near Lake Michigan. We recently added new windows to it and are currently renovating or perhaps you could say, redecorating, it.

So many women i know complain when they're husbands retire... they're 'getting in the way.' My thinking is these are the women whose 'best friends' are some woman they grew up with! Frank and i have many common interests... currently we're involved in a computer club and the lake association. We spend lots of time with our kids and grandkids... and at the lake. We are always planning some new project or event... hmmm..... i guess you might say we're 'joined at the hip.' What other 'glue' has kept us friends all these years? ... we support each other's ideas... we care for each other during times of pain or illness... we love each other.... and the number one thing in my book...... we've both remained faithful to each other all these years!

Gee, Windy, I'm glad you asked!

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