Thank you, Windy at Random Questions; Random Days.... for the big question you posed on Saturday May 17!

How do you define art? I think art is an idea... conceived in the mind of the artist... developed through the progression of that idea from abstract to concrete... into something that can be perceived by the audience. Art may be expressed in all manner of forms, graphic, verbal, musical, through dance, acting and mime... and probably more will come to mind as we finish this thought.

We all look at paintings, be they watercolor, acrylic or oil... statuary, realistic or abstract... drawings... pencil, charcoal, pen and ink... but what about photography? I think it is... the image as perceived by a single person at a single point in time, perceived for all time. Okay, you get the idea!

Music as art... we attended a piano recital a couple of weeks ago. One young pianist played well; he marched over to the piano, sat, played, was technically perfect, got up, bowed and marched off. Another child carrying himself with assurance, sat and played... and played with 'feeling'... something that just happens. It was obvious he played from the heart, and loved what he was doing. I think that 'feeling' was the difference between technician and artist.

This 'feeling' comes through in all forms of art... be it visual, verbal or rythmically. I think the art may invoke feeling as well as show the artist's expression of feeling. Love it or hate it... great or not so great... the exceptional format shown by an individual for the pleasure or perusal of others, or kept privately out of the public arena... is art.

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