This in response to Random Questions.... for Saturday May 24.... (I was out of town and busy with family affairs, but felt i MUST answer this fantastic question!

SalasCove is my portal where i have:

18 websites listed under sherle's Index
8 listed under Home (these are the ones at the vanity site, salascove.)
7 jointly with the spouse - his photos my web design

Since then i added Stuff - where i keep most of my memes answers, a new recipe swap where i started putting new recipes i WANT to try and some old ones... and you can add your recipes!, and then a photoblog (begun when i joined in on the mayday project)... and decided to be involved in a couple of photo memes. i also put my 'bookmarks' up to the vanity webspace, then changed one existing blog to the first page of that list with a link to the second page.

i also have a couple of blogs i haven't publicized... one where i keep notes for myself... one i'm just beginning to play around with (my 'pretty' site) and i also send documents up to the net to share with interested parties.

Oh! yes i find it literally impossible to manage all of them... my goal being to consolidate some of the oldest sites into newer versions at the vanity site. Others i''ll just leave - i always update my blogs. Oh! and i have another blog under another name... the one i started to see if i could get traffic without telling family and friends...

oh... didn't i mention 'Muffy's Blog'... from last summer when we doggysat...???
or... Ms. Bubba's BigBook... that i started and just kind of forgot about it?
oh yeah! for a while i had a Yahoo group called 'BlogMonsters Anonymous' with a really great logo and everything, but when it was mostly only family members participating i decided to drop it since we just communicate by phone, messaging, blogging, etc. anyway. Why waste the extra energy involved in trying to recruit people to a group. I guess the 'granni' tag scares off a lot of people too.

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