Blogger's gettin' there...i think! The only problems i had today were in the 'post and publish' department. Not sure if it's just slow or if i actually had to post & publish 2 or 3 times in order to get entries to my page! I'm talking about Stuff where i prefer answering questions to the various memes that are so much fun to get involved with! Hey, i hope you check that page out once in awhile. OttO's been saying lately that the only one who ever visits Otto Once More is her mom.... that would be me of course! Anyway, she was so frustrated with Blogger that she actually moved her 'basic' blog over to Pitas.com. I still have to change her link here but you can check her new look at OttoSite.

On a whole 'nuther tangent... there's a brand-spanking NEW e-zine... it's called BloggerZine Check it out... you might as well start reading it while it's in the beginning stages! It promises to be quite enlightening! Hmmmm... let me see. Is there anything else i need to tell you about? Oh yeah!..... phototime.... try it; you'll like it! I already entered my first photo at a day in the life.

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