I'm back! It's been a busy week... i actually slept in my own bed twice in the last seven days... the rest of the time sleeping in one or another of my family's homes. Much as i love every one dearly... it's a treat to be home, comfortable in my own nest... but that's another story and another blog. Today i'm merely here to answer the question on one of my favorite memes....

What's On....
What's On your favorite magazine cover Right Now?

This week on the cover of Newsweek - my favorite news magazine - there is a picture of a tiny, perfectly formed baby... still living in the safety and warmth of it's mother's womb. The title - 'Should a Fetus Have Rights?' announces the feature article. I thank God i never had to make such a choice as discussed in this article. My sympathy and my love both go out to the victims in every situation where this decision must be made... the baby as well as the frightened and confused mother.

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