Monday Madness

1. Who hosts your blog or personal website? If you don't have one, have you considered starting a blog?
Blogger was my first host but I've never been really satisfied with it and it's getting worse. I started a blog on WebCrimson next and I like it!
2. What prompted you to choose the color combination/background for your personal blog or website?
I've had several changes in color and background with Blogger. They are the only place i've found it easy to add my own background. WebCrimson allows me to change color but i haven't been able to add my own background... yet! I guess i choose my background to reflect my personality.
3. Have you ever considered switching 'blog hosts/services'??
YES!!! That's why i have a blog at WebCrimson... but there's so much on my old blogger blogs i hate to just up and quit...
....and a bonus question because I need to know that my faithful participants will keep coming back after I move.........
4. Will you visit Monday Madness at it's new "home?"

Of COURSE i will. I just LUV Monday Madness!

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