Random Questions; Random Days...
Close your eyes... Feel and listen... Write down every thing you hear and everything you feel.
I hear the hum of my computer... the sounds of the television as my husband sits in the living room... channel-surfing..... thunder cracks in the background, surrounding me with it's threat of imminent rain, or no, I hear the gentle rainfall under the thunderous noise... the splashing of water on undercarriage's of passing cars... Now the rain is splashing against the windows as the wind throws it about, much like the hoses in a carwash.... the wind ruffling the Maple tree at my back door.

Summer is almost here, but we still have the doors open. Soon it will be too hot and we will turn on the air-conditioners... their hum drowning out the sounds of the outdoor world. But now, already the wind is blowing cold into the house and I must close the doors before it gets downright chilly in here... not to mention - wet from the rain! Only this morning the sun was shining... the weather in the low 70's... and we were considering a visit to the Children's Zoo. Then we committed to meet a daughter with the graduation photos Frank took of our second grandson, so we postponed the zoo trip. I'm glad we didn't go; there will be another day.

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