Background... ya gotta know first that my ever-lovin' doesn't eat fowl... so i like to have chicken or turkey that's a 'quick fix' around for dinners. Sometimes i can get away with feeding him 'leftovers' and i quick fix my chicken dish! I'm not running a restaurant so we don't get into fixing gourmet stuff to each individual's taste. This week the local supermarket had barbecued chicken wings... ready-cooked... on sale in a 4 pound package. I LOVE a good chicken wing fix... not to mention fried chicken! (Basically we're on a lowfat diet so 'greasy fried' is a special treat for me.) Yesterday while he had the leftover barbecued pork loin i had my first meal featuring the new chicken wings...

... eeeeeeeeew! awful stuff! No crispy there i'll tell you right now... those wings were dreadful! What good is the stuff if it's not crispy and crunchy... i ask you. He graciously offered me some of his pork but there was barely enough left over for him so i declined. The zucchini dish was excellent so i ate a lot of that... and got into grease up to my elbows skinning the soft flab off the chicken wing bones! I discarded a whole lot more than i ate, that's for sure! Now i ask you... what should i do with the rest of the bag of wings? ... let him try to crisp them up on the grill... serve them when we have company (who knows? they might LIKE it!)... take it back to the store... throw it out... or give it away?

On a 'lighter' note... i just signed on to participate in ninaluna's Obfuscation... the Blog Game. It looks like fun! Here's how you play... On Friday, August 22nd you'll post 3 stories..... Two false and one true or..... Two true and one false. Readers pick the false story(ies), leaving their guess in the comments. (Make sure you let them know which version of the game you're playing.) On Monday you'll post the correct response. Now... you know granni's don't lie, so it'll be easy for you to guess mine... right?

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