Forty five years ago i was having labor pains... a prelude to my third child. Three weeks early!!! What could be wrong? Doctor was on vacation; he had me on his schedule. We went to the hospital; got me signed in and prepped... and in no time at all the birthing began!

45 years ago fathers only went as far as the 'Labor Room' and then were sent off to the 'Waiting Room' while mom and kid did their thing! I was always a 'conventional' mommy, just' drinking in a little 'funny gas' and helping the doctor and baby throughout the birth. Did i mention the doctor didn't know me? He was a fill-in for my doctor... incidentally, he was a specialist; my doc was a general practitioner.

The baby was birthed... another girl... she cried.... and i lay there... nothing more happening and i finally said, 'What's the matter with my baby? Why are we not moving out of here?' to which a nurse responded, 'We're waiting for the next one." Did i mention we did not have all the wonderful testing that's available today.... just the doc listening for the baby's heartbeat through the mommy's tummy! Right! We did not know we were expecting twins! The second little girl was born! I heard somebody ask, 'Where's ________ (one of the nurses)?' and an answer, 'She went out to tell the father!' The doctor grumbled,' I wanted to tell him!' and shortly thereafter we were showing the new daddy his twin girls!

He phoned his parents and gave them the news. My parents were up north on vacation and he drove all the way to their vacation place to tell them about the birth.... Right! No cellphones back then either! My mom and dad didn't believe him... they thought he was teasing and that we really had a boy (the first two were girls)... but he left them and came back home to the kids and me. Then they believed him.

We birthed two more girls after this... then i was satisified... i had my big family! The twins are the 'middle child' in our family.

Happy Birthday, Pammy and Patti! I love you!
... blinkie by OttO... aka number 5... aka Natalie

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