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TRIGGER 2::: I turned around and.........
realized I'm no longer that 'young chick' that can do everything! There was a time when every time I knelt down... in the church or in the garden... my knees would 'crack.' We would laugh it off. Now I don't kneel.. the knees hurt when I do that! Could it be all those years of walking and gardening and jazzercize? Health experts now say that yesterday's jazzercise and jogging are the cause of today's joint pains. Was it worth it? Yes. I still think I'm overall healthier for that activity. I still garden... I still walk... I just take a Naproxin before venturing out on a stroll.

During my busy years I had no time for annual visits to the doctor. Those visits were pretty much restricted to the earliest years when I was in a perpetual state of pregnancy... and then visits involving the children. My doctor was an old (by my standards) general practitioner. He was my doctor when I was a child and then he was my children's doctor as well. He knew me and provided me with a lot of common sense advice. Now I have annual 'maintenance' visits. The doctor is a young woman and she understands the needs and physical problems of women. I am still healthy and strong and expect to remain so for a good long while. I thank my parents for those good healthy genes.

There was a time when I looked in the mirror and saw... my nose is too big; my chin too small. Why didn't God make me pretty, blue-eyed and blonde like my sisters? Why did He make me look like my father instead of my mother? My mother is so pretty and I so plain ...and even this has changed. Now I look in the mirror and see... lively brown eyes, full of knowledge and experience... laugh lines around those eyes and around the mouth... perhaps a few well-earned worry lines, earned when the kids were teenagers and I had to start releasing them from my tightly held 'leash.' The nose? It's regal! Now I look in the mirror and see a woman... comfortable in her own skin. I don't plan to 'turn around' again; I like where I am.

TRIGGER 1::: This morning as I woke up I thought..........

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