Monday Madness..... here are my answers to this week's questions.

1. What's a situation in your life that you felt totally unsure in, or lacking in confidence in?
Totally unsure?... when I became a 'poster child' for Dow Chemical's first big downsizing back in 1986. After years of excellent job ratings I inherited the 'boss from hell' - a guy who i had personally observed screwing the company in every way, shape and form that he could... and rumor had it... many of the women as well. (Cream isn't the only thing that rises to the top... ) I took temporary jobs to get away from him and as a result was one of the first out the door. They did it in a most embarrassing manner... an 'Employee Relations' person came to my desk (and many others that infamous day... all at the same time!) .. told me to gather my belongings... and 'escorted' me out in front of my peers! Through it all i stood tall... but was a real wimp inside... The bad guy - his name is Ed Bowman, a scrawny obsequeous Afro-American, unlike all the honorable Black employees I've known personally at Dow - was later fired while wasting some of Dow's money on a 'business' trip!

2. What aspect of your life do you feel that you have the most confidence in dealing with?
My computer, my websites and blogs, and anytime I am writing... this is when i am most confident. I do these things well and I know i do them well.

3. Is there any one outfit you own that when you wear it, you feel totally confident or able to take on the world?
After i retired (Dow did allow me retirement so i wouldn't sue their sorry asses) i gave all my business attire away to Goodwill... or Salvation Army. I have two 'confidence' styles... 1. most of the time, a good pair of well-fitting jeans and simple t-shirt with a blazer... any blazer and... 2. when i really must 'dress up' - a colorful printed summer skirt with matching plain t-shirt (various colors that match the print), worn with the matching camp-shirt as a jacket... or for variety, with a blazer. This thing shows my legs which, when encased in some good tight-fitting control-topped panty hose, still look pretty good for an old brawd! ;-)

Thank you, Cynthia, for these questions!!! Good ones! You really got me thinking... and going..... and OttO! Enjoy you trip! I've only been to California on Dow business trips but I loved it!

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