my response to: I Am Pariah - Blog - Saturday Slant: Leave My Favorite TV Show Alone

First... I'm answering as sherle, my most honest personality on the internet.... well not true, i'm always honest but well, sherle is me. I cannot however seem to get a sherle email account on Yahoo. Long story shortened a little bit, My first online persona was sherle 39... on AOL..... still what i like to call the greatest 'beginner' ISP around! When i wanted to use 'sherle39' on Yahoo, it was 'unavailable' so i chose - ta da! granni39 which apparently nobody wants because after all, who wants to be a granni? It isn't something we ask for or plan on... it just happens! Am i right?

So i finally decided to be 'sherle' again... because a cutesy girly name gets more positive reinforcement than an old 'granni.' I set up an email persona at Yahoo... sherle1975... don't ask! I've been using that email address for my PhotoTime and sherle's photos. Now 'the jig is up' as they used to say in old gangster movies. I tried to sign in to my sherle1975 account and was informed it was deactivated!!! Well this is one peed-off granni! Want my opinion? Yahoo sucks rotten fruit! Okay, with that off my bountiful grannified chest.....

..... the question - Which TV show of yesteryear do you least want “re-imagined” and remade into a modern film?

Okay i don't know if they redid it or not.... Gilligan's Island is the one i'd hate most to see remade! I already didn't watch anything else they remade so if they did Gilligan we can add that to the list of not watched remakes.

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