Random Questions; Random Days...
Here's another cooking question for you! What would be the perfect sandwich?

For the past few years a sandwich tends to be one of those quick lunch type of things for me... we rarely 'eat out' because we feel it's healthier to eat at home.... hubby's heart, the lowfat thing, that eternal 'weight problem' that never goes away..... but... there's nothing like a good old-fashioned Reuben sandwich... thick dark brown Pumpernickel bread, lots of thinly sliced corned beef, a bit of sauerkraut and lots of gooey Swiss cheese melted over all!

What's on.....Right now?
What's On your 'things that really matter' list Right Now?

The following... in the following order...
  1. family: each grandchild, child, and loved one is equally important!
  2. health: of body and mind
  3. comfort: enough food & clothing to maintain healthy bodies and minds
  4. safety: not so much as to keep everybody restrained inside a 'bubble' but enough to know their bodies and minds are not in danger
  5. knowledge: no matter what our natural intelligence level, we should strive to know all that we can know
  6. love: for one another; for our fellow humans
Yes, I'm a firm believer that until people feel comfortable and safe, it is difficult to feel and express love.

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