What's on..... Right now?
What's On your mind Right Now?
Sorry i'm late but i've been having problems with my blogs so here's what's on my mind right now!!! Why would my blogs... and only some of my blogs..... be unattainable!!!??! Yesterday it seemed to be Blogger in general... then they all came back. Yesterday if it was published to my personal domain i could get to it, even if it was published via Blogger. Today it was some of my blogs... and i'm not saying which ones. Like every other blogging addict i have more than i need... and a couple of them are memes. They're up under several pseudonyms... again.... just like many others.

Funny thing about this time... they weren't just Blogger blogs i couldn't get at but CrimsonWeb as well!!! ...and not just published on the freebies, but also two of them published on my personal domain! I began taking it personally! ...and it didn't matter what pseudonym i was using! Well i wrote an email to my 'html web-building guru' and as soon as i wrote him i tried my sites again and got in! Now i know it's not anything he did... but now he knows some of my 'innermost secrets' - ie. websites i've never told most people that i belong to! Well, somebody else obviously knows them too!

I'll tell you... i went to a day in the life and where my comments should be is..... an apology! ...and the same thing at stuff! Looks like an apology from backBlog! Duh! Do you realize when you set yourself up with all those cute little freebies... the comments stuff, etc. ... that you're opening up your blogs to total strangers!!!!?! Well! That puts a new spin on things. I guess i'm gonna have to learn how to do more of this stuff for myself! Dear God, please give me the time and the patience for some more new 'book-learnin' - i'm gonna need Your help with this.

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