Spent the weekend at the lake - Windy and her husband - staying in the 'bunkhouse.' We really had a great time! We watched the fishermen in the Sable river trying to catch the big salmon as they swim upstream to lay eggs. All summer long people are floating down the river toward Lake Michigan... in the winter swans gather there for shelter... early spring i've seen the geese and ducks gathering as they return to Michigan..... but i've never before seen the lake lined solidly with fishermen! What a sight Windy and Dave walked the skywalk as we stayed photographing this new (to us) phenomenon.

First time we rode bikes out to the Big Sable Lighthouse was in September; it wasn't open to the public when we got there. The second time - in the hot summer - it was... but you can get pretty much worn out getting to the place riding bikes through the sand... the climb up all 130 spiral steps is a feat in itself! This time the lighthouse was not only open for tours but there was a shuttle service! It was worth the small fee. Dave has camped all his life but he had never climbed the lighthouse before. It's especially fun to visit with a 'first-timer.' Next time... Otto & 'the kid!'

Back at our little lake, Pam and family were at their trailer. They had planned to take Mike's boat out of the water but after making plans to do a little 'earth moving' project next weekend, they left it in for another week. Even though Pam had lots of reading to do for her new class, we got a little premium visiting time in with them as well. All in all a healthily busy weekend... and the traffic flow going home wasn't bad either.

I can't believe we climbed the WHOLE thing!
Can you find Windy and Dave in this picture?

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