Yesterday was a day for remembrance I didn't blog about it... didn't watch all that stuff all day long on the news... just remembered. God bless those who lost loved ones on that horrible day. God bless those who lived near the tragic sites of destruction. My only prayer is for your pain to grow a little less as time goes by. We will never forget the victims.

A few months after 911.2001 i wrote a little commentary called: Generation 911 - What will they think of next? The reason? I felt the press was sensationalizing just a little too much! Last year i wrote another little essay... September 11, 2001 Retrospective. I'll continue to remember... continue to pray... continue to have faith in our God and our country, for we all have faith in the same God no matter how we visualize and respect that God. I think most of us have faith in our country too..... faith that we will remain strong in adversity..... faith that although we've been scarred we know that scar tissue only makes the body stronger.

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