I'm excited! My shadow made it to Picture Yourself!

Have you ever started putting photos into an album and then thought...'hmmm! You wouldn't know i was there!' The photographer seems to be always behind the camera so, even before i knew about Picture Yourself i started taking pictures of my shadow whenever there was enough sunshine to do so! When you're inside, of course, there is usually a mirror around somewhere, but then that's another place... The Mirror Project... which i really haven't gotten involved with yet. Ya gotta admit that one looks like fun too!

While the topic is photos... why don't you check out Saturday Snapshots. This is a website that was around before i started PhotoTime. As a matter of fact, the webmaster had already put the site 'on hiatus' which is the reason i even started PhotoTime. She's got a cool concept too. She lists a whole month of themes at once. When you have your photo for the week, let her know in the comments section and she will put your name and photo URL on the list for that week.

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