Monday Madness
Let's talk about food.....

1. How many 'meals a day' do you eat?

Usually three, sometimes two. When i quit smoking i realized the importance of the first meal - breakfast. (I used to have cigarettes and coffee for breakfast... yummy!!!?!) I generally don't eat snacks between meals. If i do, i try to make it something healthy... like fruit... well sometimes i'll have a dish of ice cream! ;-)

2. Do you enjoy cooking? Why or why not?
Actually i like to cook. My problem is... after 48 years (!) of planning menus every single day, i get kind of tired of making that big decision.

3. Who cooks most of the meals in your home?
I do, but my husband likes to cook so sometimes i let him. Problem there is that he needs to learn how to clean up after himself when he cooks. He's learning, but slowly.

. . . . . and one more (optional) for good measure;
4. Share a favorite recipe with us.

Hey OttO! I'll do better than that! Here's a whole bunch of my favorite recipes!

granni39's kitchen HeartSmart Recipes Granni's Recipes Barton Place... my oldest healthy recipe website Recipe Swap - A place for you to share YOUR recipes with us!

The last one... Recipe Swap... is really a shared place! Bookmark it. Put your own recipes there. That's what it's for... sharing recipes! Matter of fact you are welcome to use one or all of my little 'puffin tiles'... Just go here... My Puffin Friendship Wall... Save my tiles to your own space and use them to find my recipes anytime you wish! If you let me know you linked to my site, i'll put a link to your site here on my blog.

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