Monday Madness
This week's questions will be all about your creativity........
1. What is your most artistic accomplishment?

I believe God gave me several talents... some i've used; some that i was not socially or economically equipped to appreciate because of circumstances of birth. However i had a teacher who recognized my writing capabilities and another who recognized my ability to draw things. Although i've never learned to play a musical instrument i have a strong appreciation for all kinds of music. I also have a unique capability to recognize 'the good guys' from the 'bad guys.' Why am i bragging about this you ask? Because.....

...my most artistic accomplishment was the creation, with the help of God and Frank (one of the good guys), six extremely talented daughters, each one with her own unique personality which we encouraged her to develop.

2. What is your favorite method of artistic expression?
Because my artistic interests are so eclectic, it's hard to choose a favorite. It's like my favorite color... or what to wear today. It depends on what kind of day it is and what kind of mood i'm in. Some days my favorite artistic expression is finding the perfect photographic composition. Other days it might be writing.

Last week... in an extremely rare desire to clean house, i found some of my painting equipment and felt a longing to start a new painting. FYI... the cleaning desire subsided before i got much further but the need to create a new painting is still here.

3. Name one form of art that you haven't yet tried but would like to.
One form of art i've tried but am not good at is watercolor painting. Due to my childish need for instant gratification, this would be the perfect form of artistic expression for me. Something i've never tried and really really want to do however is to create drawings with my computer.

Otto, one of those talented daughters i was talking about, has the perfect tutorial for me to learn this.... but when i tried to get to Otto's Blinkie Tutorial today, i got that awful page... '...exceeded bandwidth' so now i have to wait. I hope she gets her tutorials moved over to her domain soon because they are too popular to leave on a limited free site.

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