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Tomorrow is opening day deer season for fire arms. How do you feel about hunting?
My husband had trouble trying to kill a ground hog that was digging a tunnel under our garage, so i know if he had to hunt for our dinner we would both be a lot skinnier! Besides, i don't know how to cook any wild game. I do, however, enjoy a bit o' bambi for dinner if provided by somebody who does hunt... if his wife knows how to cook it. Hint, hint. ;-) Glad you finally got your water going Windy!

...and now yesterday's
Ok, I have the following topic on my mind as we have been without water for almost 2 weeks now! How would you get by without the necessities of life?
I could get along without food or water for a week but don't take away my internet! Actually, during our '100 year flood' in 1986 we were without water because we still had a well and the pump was in the lower level of the house under 6 ft. of water. All breakers for anything downstairs were shut off. We were fortunate to have electricity on the main floow and it was autumn (September) so we didn't need much heat. We used the flood water to flush the toilet - going out on the back deck (in normal times it is a second story deck) and reached in to pull water out by the pail for flushing. We used lots of paper plates, etc. When our local firemen volunteered to turn off our power we told them no... we watched the water level downstairs. It was just below the electrical box. Water began receding the next day... slowly, gradually. The worst was living around all the boxes and books and stuff we had retrieved from downstairs before the water was above my knees down there. Oh! did i tell you about the snakes and frogs we found afterward... during the cleaning? ;-)

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