Saturday Snapshots
Theme is 'Remembrance, .... (because we need to remember WWI and WWII, and those who died)'... but i wanted to share this memorial to the Civil War instead.

Civil War... is an oxymoron

This stone lies in a park in Wyoming, MI dedicated to all the war heroes in the United States beginning with the Spanish American War up to and including the Gulf War. I chose the Civil War to represent the whole thing because it's an oxymoron. There is nothing civil about war. See how many were killed and wounded? They were all from the same country... my country..... killing each other! We've come a long way, baby and now our soldiers are fighting side by side defending our country against religious weirdos who absolutely hate us just because we exist. God bless them and protect them.

On this day I join everybody in honoring our veterans of WW I and WW II... especially my Uncle Art, long gone now, who served in World War I and my dad, Tony, who served in World War II. They were both peaceful men who loved their families and homes, loved gardening and loved their country enough to fight for it!

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