Thought for the day... today was 'Your world is a mirror. The reflection you see depends on the person you are.' This from the Daily Motivator. I guess it got me thinking...

Lauren Hutton was on the Today Show last week. I think she wrote a book or something. Maybe she has some beauty product for sale. I don't know. Anyway i kind of like her. I look at her as the 'poster girl' for mature women. Yup, i like her! Anybody with the courage to let the whole world see that little gap between her two front teeth is okay in my book!

Remember when the 'young people' were saying, "Don't trust anybody over thirty."? If you are old enough to remember that then you might be as pleased as i am to hear what Lauren has to say! She says, "Sixty is the new Thirty." The concept of course is that we are all healthier, more active and living longer. Some benefit is that we actually look younger longer than our grandparents did! We have a friend who was 'carded' when he went to a 'senior citizen' function of some sort! Can you imagine that? I think he's a senior; his wife tells me he joined the social security ranks this year.

Anyway there sits gorgeous Lauren, saying something i heard years ago about physical appearance as we age. Apparently our nose, ears and feet continue to grow! Bummer! I don't think she looks much different than her younger years, actually. I don't even think my nose has really gotten bigger! Well, i guess with a honker like my 'noble Roman nose,' it might be hard to tell. The ears? Maybe they're bigger, but they don't seem to stick out as much as they did when i was younger. My feet? Bigger! I attribute it to weight - the more weight you carry the more the feet have to hold up! I think they just have to spread out!

Blah blah blah! What's this all boil down to? I'm not sure! I like what i see when i look in the mirror. No flaming beauty am i, nor was i ever. Just a good honest face... one that spent most of the past years with a smile, if not laughing! You know what? It's taken a long time but i LIKE me!

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