Lulu's Lines

TRIGGER 1::: The day I....... said yes when Frank asked me to go along with him to the Computer Club he had just joined, was a BIG turning point for me! I had a brand new computer... with Windows 95... the biggest and best! What was my main use for this new toy? ...basically a word processor. We had the best phone modem... 56k and it was fast! I used the internet mostly for email and instant messaging.

Well a lot has changed since then. The computer? Bigger and faster! My modem is via cable... really fast! My computer has become a necessary tool in my life... for everything from communication to paying bills and maintaining my checking acccount. It's a place to store my recipes and learn what's new anywhere in the world. It's my photo album and a place to manipulate photos... it is my journal. It's a place to share ideas and even meet new friends!

Take my bread machine... my microwave oven... you can even have my dishwasher... but please, please... let me keep the computer!

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