TRIGGER 2::: I believe that........ Judge Roy Moore, the barrister in Alabama who wanted to keep a monument of the Ten Commandments in the Courthouse, was unduly accused, condemned and tossed out of his job because the United States of America is being attacked from within by a group every bit as frightening as Al Quaeda.

Just as the Al Quaeda goal is to destroy the United States as a people, the ACLU endeavors to destroy the heart and soul of our country. I'm convinced Roger Baldwin did not found the American Civil Liberties Union to destroy this country. He, like so many people born to privilege, saw around him people who were still struggling for 'the American dream.' The infant ACLU was designed to help those people... the Joe Average's in our society.

Mission accomplished... the ACLU bigger and stronger... the leaders could not and would not just 'wrap it up' and call it a job well done. They went from non-profit to self-preservation, just like so many other do-good organizations! Their motto - 'Let's protect the little guy who can't protect himself' - just kept extending.

This giant organization of lawyers is methodically attacking all of the beliefs upon which this country was founded. They are attacking the very ideals treasured by Joe Average! Let's look at some of their targets.Okay i could go on but i won't.

Thank you, Judge Roy Moore, for standing up for your beliefs. Thank you for defending the very foundation upon which our country was founded. You, sir, are a real man! Perhaps you will motivate more people to stand up for what is correct and quit bending and weaseling around every cockeyed liberal idiot that decides to attack my country!

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