...just a bit of rambling. I just made a few minor changes in my template. Been thinking to write a bit about what's been happening the past few days. Decided to do it later and signed out of Blogger. I usually check the list of 'just published' blogs and check one or two. I usually find nothing i care to read again. This time was different. I clicked on 'Bubdaddy' and was drawn in to a sad blog.

It's written by a daddy longing for his daughter... 'stolen' from him by his ex-wife. I honestly didn't know a father could grieve so for a relationship with a child taken from him. I think i believe him. He admits to the blog as therapy but hopes his Amy will somehow read the blog and know her daddy loves him. He hopes Amy will respond to him in his blog.

I think about this. I wonder why i'm drawn. Could it be because i lost my relationship with my father at a young age? Could it be i remember how my father telephoned me when i graduated from high school asking me to come live with him? Could it be i sometimes regret not seeing him and reconnecting that relationship? Could it be because i sometimes dream about me and my daddy doing things together?

Silly me! That cannot be. I am a mature woman. My father is long dead... but my mother isn't. She is approaching 89 years now and i do not spend time with her. Could it be because of that broken father-daughter relationship? Is it really because my mother still seems to love my brother more than me... that she still feels material things are so important? Could it be i will regret this too?

Enough! About Bubdaddy... his daughter's name is Amy Elizabeth Ward. Do you know her? Maybe she needs to talk to her daddy... if only via the internet. Maybe she will have no regrets.

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