Bummer! Wanted to answer June's 'Whats on...... Right now' questions early for a change. Went there; got a message: 'No web site is configured at this address.' Checked a few other Blogger sites... some had this message; some didn't. Went to Blogger... did an updated post at my photo site and published it. It's there... that's for sure. Still got the same BS message. I think the 'script kiddies' are out in force today. Seems whenever it's a holiday/extra time off situation, this happens. Get 'em Blogger! Get 'em good!

Meanwhile... I started photographing my Day in the Life... transition 2003 to 2004... at noon today! You may think my life is boring but i'll tell you... sometimes it gets downright hectic! I treasure these 'boring' days. Want to know what's up in my life? No? Well i'm telling you anyway! Here's my commentary on a few special interests...

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