It may look like i'm not blogging much... but i've had fun messing with other people's blogs! Notice my little Santa train? Today i was motivated to make special little holiday greetings for Sharba and the Bug. The bug's comment system was kind of plain and sort of unreliable, so i changed her over to a different one. It's kind of a bummer that the old ones were lost but i think she'll be happier with the new system.

Then i fiddled around some more with photos of me and Frank... for a Christmas idea i have... and in no time at all it was after dinner time. He's had an idea that he wanted to put streaming audio on his computer club New User's SIG blog for some time now so guess what i did? Helped him of course! Our friend Larry broke ground for us and provided a tutorial for doing this job at his Internet SIG website, so it was a matter of interpret and do... and i did! Check it out; it's really pretty cool! Opens up all kinds of new possibilities.

Oh yes... and i defragged! Been listening to the pro's and con's of this effort for some time now and i'm convinced. It should be done once in awhile. It took about an hour but now i'm all defragged and compacted... and i feel good!

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