Monday Madness
It's all about memes...........let's talk about memes!
1. How many memes do you participate in regularly?

I've counted 8 but try not to ever miss 5 of them:2. How do you decide which memes you participate in?
If the meme is done by somebody i know personally, it has priority, but along with that is the challenge that meme presents to me.
3. Do you run one of your own meme? If so, please leave your link! If not, have you thought of running your own?
Yes... i'm a team member of BloggerSeeds where we have Random Questions and we just celebrated 25 weeks of PhotoTime, my photo meme. Occasionally, during moments of weakness, i think about doing a 'special project' as well.
4. Is there a certain day of the week that works better for you to answer memes than others?
Not really... i always manage to overload my capacity. I just catch up when i can. I do, however, find it easier if there is only one meme on any one day.

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