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Miscellaneous Facts.... aka Random Thoughts
  1. Our brave troops captured Saddam!
  2. They will get bin Laden too!
  3. We have a wonderful President in the United States.
  4. There are people in our country who hate him.
  5. The judiciary in our U.S. legal system have too much power.
  6. The only thing worse than having a sick child in the house is having a sick husband in the house!
  7. The flu shots this year are ineffective against all forms of flu arriving in our country.
  8. My Christmas tree is up.
  9. The Communists... through the ACLU... in my country hate all things Christian and are tearing down my religious rights, one by one.
  10. I have photos up... one at Day in the Life and one at Sherle's Photos.
  11. There is a last sh1ft.org project for 2003. Here is a direct quote from the letter received by those of us who are on the mailing list: "Starting 12 Noon - December 31st 2003 and going straight through
    to 12 Noon - January 1 2004, take a photograph an hour to
    document how you spend the last hours of 2003 and the first hours of
  12. I will blog in more detail on one or more of these items... later.

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