Being a person of way too many words sometimes, i was thoroughly challenged when i ran across the Mayfly Project while blogsurfing at Darren's blog. Darren is a regular participant in PhotoTime... and a good photographer as well as blogger.

I was planning to do a 'retrospective' of 2003 and so here it is... in twenty words!

heart - perfect - lake - photography - family - fantastic - zoo - digital camera - graduations - pork - unbelievable - blog - community - love - gardens - cottage - healthy - overweight - optimistic

Of course you know me... i'll probably be back to expand on some of them. Meanwhile... here's yet another challenge met... my day in the life 2003-2004 transition. Stop by... say hi... let me know what you think of my photography, if not of my simple pleasures in life. Happy New Year.

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