Ever heard of 'Pepto-Bismol' pink? I never did until i changed my background a few days ago... then i was hearing it everywhere! The more i looked at it the more i gagged! That was my reaction the one time i tried to take PeptoBismol for a stomach ache! I think... for a little while anyway... this blue will work.

Since deciding to blog every day i've blogged less than ever before! No i'm not THAT busy! How did i ever run a household while raising six kids, working fulltime and going to school parttime? God! I can't even chew gum and walk at the same time now! Ah well ... enough grumbling. OH! That's the name of this blog, isn't it... Grumbleeze???

Don't know if anybody's reading but i've got lots to tell you anyway. I found a good heart-smart oatmeal cookie recipe on the back of a Meijer's oatmeal box. They're delicious and won't kill my husband! I promise to type it up and put it on Recipe Swap soon... maybe tomorrow. It's good for everybody... especially if you're watching how much fat you eat... and your cholesterol... etc.

Do you believe, like i always did until recently, that fructose is good for you? Well guess what!!!?! Not all fructose is healthy... especially when it's called high fructose corn syrup. This stuff is so bad for your health that it is not legal to use it in prepared foods in Europe! It is a sugar used in almost everything sweet that we buy in the U.S. and it is the one type of sugar our bodies do not know how to metabolize, so it goes almost immediately into carbohydrates and then turns into fat. It is the last sugar your body will use to keep you going.

Why do i know this? ...because my husband has had high triglycerides for years. No amount of medication lowered it. A couple of months ago he heard a news report about the bad effects of high fructose corn syrup.... started reading labels..... quit eating foods with high fructose in them..... subsequently had a blood test (routine because of his triple by-pass heart surgery several years ago)..... and discovered his triglycerides had decreased for the very first time!!! His heart doctor confirmed that high-fructose was indeed extremely bad for you.

Well i went googling and learned that fructose, like glucose, is a natural sugar... found in fruits, etc. The problem is when it's refined into corn syrup it's not so good. It's used in foods you keep on your cupboard shelf, not just to sweeten, but to stabilize and preserve the items. What it does to the liver is not good.

This stuff is in the soda we Americans drink like water.... not the diet, but the regular. It's in cookies, bread, cereals, jams & jellies and all sorts of food that we think of as good for you. It's even in those foods we eat because we're on weight loss diets! ...even yogurt. Some varieties have it... some don't. I'll share more websites as i find them but just HAD to get this word out.

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