Gonna try to blog every day... If nothing else or not enough time i might just blog a few words... sort of like i did for the Mayfly Project. Here's where you will find my entry by the way.Otto's been keeping her blogs and websites up! She has some great new graphics! You just must check them out! Love bears? Her's are adorable. You just wanna hug 'em! She got her New Year Day in the Life done and up too! Have you been to my 2003 New Year Day yet? Foggy did a big update on her blog. She was considering doing the New Year photo challenge but she's been sick over the holidays so i'm just glad she was able to spend time with the family! Speaking of which... the family "after-holiday chillout and enjoy each other's company at mom's house" event was GREAT!!! Love to all participants... yes, you too Bug & Susan! You were with us in spirit and on the phone!

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