I've been blogging.....
..just not on this blog. I have a blog originally kind of political and haven't been doing much there. I was planning to discontinue it until yesterday. Discovered a new reason to keep Ladiosa del Lago when i stopped by at 2flower's blog and lo and behold! New reason to be... Blog for Bush! I'm doing it there and not here because some of my loved ones do not agree with me politically. For you my darlings, i'm keeping that blog separate.

Familiar with Recipe Swap? It's an interactive recipe weblog. That's right... i'm putting some of my newest recipes there and you can put yours there as well! Matter of fact i encourage it. Made the blog better... listing the first 20 recipes instead of the first 5 as it formerly was. Added a heart smart oatmeal cookie recipe too. Try it... it's pretty good! Also, did you know you can do a search at the recipe site. For example, type in corn... you will find all recipes with corn or corn products in them. So far it's a small site but if you share your best, it will grow!

PhotoTime has the most participants we've had since beginning 34 weeks ago! Sherle's Photos was recently updated... lots of pictures there. Stop by if you haven't been there lately.

Enough about me... have you been to Otto's lately? She's so 'pretty in pink' but that darned pBase is so unreliable lately. That's where she puts pictures for her blog. Even though you can only do this if you have a 'paid for' site which she has, they've been extremely unreliable lately! Keep on blogging OttO. Whether you have pictures up or not, your faithful readers will continue to stop by and read your blog!

Speaking of pink, the photo here is my impatience plant - one of two i brought in the house for winter. They and my geraniums are doing pretty well. The miniature rose, unfortunately is not doing so well. I asked my master gardener friend about them. She suggested they need more humidity. I set them on top of gravel and keep water in the saucer to the top of the gravel. I sprayed the leaves top & under with detergent-laced tap water to kill any mealy bugs or whatever might be chomping on them. Nothing has seemed to help. Well, i'm NOT giving up anyway!

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