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What's On Your 'MUST DO before the end of the week' list Right Now?
Sorry... was gonna answer this yesterday but got busy so I'll answer it like i would have yesterday. 1. Grocery shopping (10% off if i use supermarket credit card - Wednesday only). Don't worry, i pay it off each month. Benefit is in the discounts. 2. email requests for information out to SVCA Treasurer and former President. 3. Help hubby finish changing look of SVCA website. 4. A week's worth of laundry... well actually 8 days worth (or 9?) for two people. 5. Acknowledge receipt of info for updating lake association website. 6. Actually update it. 7. Get new comment boards up for Sharba & Bug. 8. Cook meals each day. 9. Keep kitchen clean... dishes in and out of dishwasher.

Accomplished... 1, 2, 3, 5, and a bit of 8 & 9. Today laundry was postponed until tomorrow when we had an unexpected visitor. Working on a contracted basis for Dow, he really broke up the monotony of our growing cases of cabin fever! For those who don't know, there are a bunch of people involved in a class-action suit against Dow Chemical... the company upstream from us on the Saginaw River. It's all about dioxin. You can find the facts at ...Dow Mid-Michigan Dioxin Situation.

Our home is located in the flood plain where we have lived for over forty years (not the house, just half of the acre we own here. We raised six kids here... grew a garden on the flats for awhile but quit because it was flooded out before we could pick our vegetables one year. We've been eating asparagus from the flats... which get flooded at least twice a year... for most of those forty years. Last year i mowed the asparagus because of the big dioxin lawsuit.

Since then we attended a meeting for people who are not suing Dow. Learned that dioxin is only on the surface if at all. if you wash the veggies (well who doesn't?), you wash the dioxin off. It's safe. Will be eating it again next year! Still don't plan to join the class action suit. There are people who lived here for 80 years and more... swam in the river as kids... all that, and are still going strong!

The lawsuit is by 'new' people... people complaining that their property value is down and they can't sell their homes. These are people who moved here in the past 5 years or less, mostly, into giant expensive houses and are now whining because they can't make a big profit on their property. Our long-term neighbors know it isn't so. The values only go up... consistently..... and the homes sell! Somebody's gonna make money on this class action suit... the tort lawyers! I will not be a part of it.

OH! About the rest of my list for the week... i've decided it will probably be easier to just redo the whole SVCA website on MS FrontPage where a novice like Frank can work on a website in a reliable consistent way. The problem with that website is that it was put together by a short-term member who was motivated by his own personal interests and the site was subsequently taken over by generous volunteers... one at a time..... each of whom tried to 'fix' the site... and resulting in an intermingling of coding that i find confusing to say the least. I praise them for staying with it as long as they did. We changed the color... from an atrocious color combination to a soothing blend of blues and off-white, but that was only a quick fix.

Rome wasn't built in a day, was it?

Oh yes... about the unexpected visitor. He is a delightfully interesting person... retired from the FBI after 35 years service. Both of us enjoyed our discussion with him. He would be welcome back into our home anytime.

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