Where did yesterday go? Oh i know... laundry... somebody stopped by... life... it must have been busy so i'll consider it a day well-lived!

Click it! ;-)

The River Walk bridge in Bay City...

is closed for walking but we were there taking photos Sunday... before going over to visit with Foggy and family a bit. It was SO cold!!! Wearing several layers, a hat, gloves and warm hiking boots, i only wished i had a scarf wrapped around my face. Got a few photos though... this one was just like this! I was amazed the way the lights were on in the daytime because it was a dreary day... and this lamp appeared to be the only color other than blue! No... i didn't digitally do anything with this photo. I like it!

You may or may not remember - i commented on Martha Stewart way back when the establishment chose her as a 'whipping boy girl' for all that went bad with the crooks involved in the stock market. She has a special website... not associated with her company..... Martha Talks. If you, like i, feel she's being unfairly attacked, stop by and give her your vote of confidence! Like i said back then, you go Martha! You crashed through that glass ceiling by lots of hard work and creating your own corporation. You are truly a great woman!

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