Would you believe... i actually spent some of today getting ready for my first Board meeting as Prez. Attendance has sort of gone downhill the past couple of years... and i'm hoping we can turn that around. Also spent some time fiddling around in PhotoShop Elements 2... playing with black & white for some of my photos. Went on a short photo shooting session Friday and again on Saturday... got some great winter scenes! Yesterday was so cold though that we could only stay outdoors a short while. The chill factor had to be below zero. No sense inviting trouble!

I read an interesting article in the January 12 issue of Newsweek. I think it's worth sharing, so i found it at Newsweek's website. No matter how you feel about the war and no matter how you feel about the way the news media reports on it, you must read My Turn...By Ruth Voshell Stonesifer. Ms. Stonesifer is the mother of Army Ranger Kristofor Stonesifer, who was killed two years ago in a helicopter crash in Pakistan.

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