bird feeder thiefYesterday Frank put out the bird feeders... really late! He usually does this in late summer. I think part of the procrastination was because we saw a squirrel actually working at making a hole bigger in an old tree over by the ditch next to the garage! We believe he was making a home there. Anyway, guess who was first at the feeders?the finches are back!

...and guess who got out the pellet gun THIS year? No, it's not me! Anyway, a few birds came back... first the junkos... then a few chickadees. Frank saw a couple of cardinals, but i haven't seen them yet, but here's my first red finch of the season. Good thing we get lots of ground feeders. Thanks to the squirrel that's where most of the seed usually is!

I planned to blog here yesterday but it was really a busy day! We finished putting away Christmas decorations and little else around the house. SVCA's past webmaster, Jim, came over around 5:30pm to clue Frank in on 'how to be a webmaster.' I sat in because Frank doesn't know diddley about creating a web. I think, however, he should be able to maintain the SVCAsite... 'with a little guidance from a little mouse in the house.'

Then we had an Internet SIG meeting over at Judy & Larry's house. I don't like to ever miss those meetings! Back at home and almost my bedtime, i remembered PhotoTime Tuesday... came up with what i believe is another original theme idea... and posted it to PhotoTime. Was all ready to post to Grumbleeze and... would you believe? Blogger was down! again! This time with a message about Blogger being 'down for a scheduled maintenance' in November! Duh! Something's not right there, blogger guys!

Today... gotta get some bills paid early. Frank has a New User SIG here tonight - it's usually held the first Thursday of the month, but that was New Year's Day. We kinda figured folks had other stuff to do that day, so picked today as better than not at all. Not getting much action at PhotoTime. Usually by this time of day there are at least a dozen participants. Don't know if it's because of Blogger or the comments going down or if the theme is just too 'tough' which i find hard to believe. Most PhotoTime participants really WANT a challenge! We'll see. It's not gonna stop me. I have fun doing this, not as a competition but just because i like doing it. 'Til tomorrow then.

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