Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!
What's On..... Right Now?
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you wearing something green??
What's On your agenda for St. Patrick's Day Right Now?
Yes I'm wearing dark green sweat pants and my bright yellow Georgia souvenier t-shirt with green lettering. Here's what was on my agenda today... Put together agenda for computer association board meeting and email it to board members. This included gathering and printing several items i want to share with the board. It's a done deal now. I'm ready, willing and able... also prepared. ;-)
...and now i'll play catch-up on Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, March 17
Who is your hero?
Superman of course! He takes care of all the electronics in our house, keeps my computer working, feeds the cats and the fish, keeps my truck in perfect shape, provides my food and shelter, doesn't care what i do just so it doesn't hurt anybody, and takes out the garbage!
Tuesday, March 16
I remember as a child I used to think 30 was old. Well, now that I'm 47, I don't even think 50 is old! How old is old anyway?
Easy one, Windy! I know some people in their 30's who are old. I know people in their 80's and even 90's who are young! Old is a state of mind.
Monday, March 15
How "Irish" are you on St. Patrick's Day?
I wear green and say begorra a lot! ;-)
Thursday, March 11
What's your zodiac sign? How much stock do you put into it?
My sign is Pisces. My husband is Aquarius. Fish and water go together. So do we.
Friday, March 5
Even though the first week of March is just about over, I felt compelled to share this info. It's Chocolate Week! What is your favorite type of chocolate?
Rich creamy chocolate with soft gooey caramel!!! Yummy. No wonder i have a weight problem.

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