The Shady Lady from Shady Lane... a really old song I'm reminded of right now. Hmm! Golly gee, i wonder why? Been doing a bit of blogging but until today, nothing you're seeing here. Why? Well, did you read 'King of Torts' by John Grisham? It's all about greedy money grubbing lawyers that take advantage of people by causing mass hysteria about medicines or other such things, then filing big class action suits. Typically the only ones that get rich from this are the lawyers.

Well i'm seeing it happen right here - literally in my backyard. Some people are suing Dow Chemical for traces of dioxin in their back yards. The dioxin issue is too complex to explain here, but there is a lot more to it than 'the big bad company' and the poor little guy! If you want to know more about it, check out my blog... Tittabawassee River..... one voice. You're right. I'm not joining up on the class action and I'm not among the silent majority. I'm speaking out... loud and clear!

Okay, enough of that. Like my new look? Otto is my motivation! Her new look is absolutely adorable!!! I can't do what she does but i like to play with photos and graphics. For some reason i'm also fascinated by photographing my own shadow... so there you have it!

We went to see the butterflies at Dow Gardens earlier this week. Enjoyed it on day one but the husband was disappointed with his photos... seems he had his settings wrong on the camera..... so he wanted to go back for another try at it the following day. It was a bit tough on my knees and leg muscles even though i took my meds and wrapped the knee. (It's a bitch getting old, but better than the alternative!) I got lots of good photos but haven't put them to the net yet. Stop by at sherle's photos and see what i did for the theme.... Hands... today. I think you will like it.

Been spending a fair amount of time checking participants' photos at PhotoTime too. If you haven't tried it yet, i recommend it. Even i find it a challenge sometimes to come up with a good photo for the week's theme... and i'm the one who runs the site.

Okay i'm getting on my soapbox for a moment... I recently heard on the tv news something about the Sierra Club now saying... there are just too many people in the U.S. already so we should stop allowing immigration to the United States in order to preserve the animal population... What is wrong with this concept?

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