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Click to see life-size DaisyMae!"Daisy Mae was sitting on "death row" at the local animal control shelter in mid-October 1999 when we went "shopping for a kitten" to keep Bubba company. His buddy had just died suddenly and unexpectedly. Daisy had been picked up for vagrancy, but purred like a kitten when I reached into her cage to pet her. Her true colors showed when we got her home, however; she's a tigress. Although she showed signs of good care, she had been "on her own" for so long she was feral..."

Took this photo of her last Sunday. She had been with us 4-1/2 years now and is mostly domesticated. She thinks she owns us and the other cats are just around to interfere with our lives. I was getting things together for a possible summer rummage sale (in cahoots with Foggy, I hope) and Daisy hopped into this empty basket. It is now hers. The other cats will investigate it when she isn't around but they won't challenge her for it. They know it is hers. She also possesses the kitty tower we bought for AmyLou when she was a kitten.

This week's PhotoTime theme is 'Discarded' and many PhotoTimers have adopted discards. I just wanted to share one of mine. The first paragraph above is a direct quote from a FortuneCity website i created a couple of years ago. When FortuneCity decided to charge people for webspace I could no longer get in but my stuff is still there. While I'm bragging on DaisyMae I'd like to invite you to see the other four cats. Here's my Pet Page at FortuneCity.

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