What's wrong with me? I don't feel like blogging.... although i've got lots to blog about. There's new stuff on the dioxin scene for the ...One Voice site; there's more reason than ever to blog for Bush; there are lots of accomplishments here on the homefront!

I think i need a spring break... to someplace warmer than here. Weather warmed a bit here this weekend. Luke came over from across the state, bearing a check in payment for the big sailboat in our driveway, and hauled off some of the parts that go with it. He thinks perhaps the trucker will pick it up some time between Good Friday and the day after Easter. Will hate to see it go... will love to see it go! We had interesting times in that boat... some joyful, some downright scarey! Isn't it funny how 'things' can become like family?

We did some major furniture moving this weekend too! Natalie, who cleans for me about once a month, was here to help. The computers are now in the lower room off from the kitchen and from the living room... the room is really quite nice. It has lots of feng shui going for it, with one exception. The marvelous ceiling windows i HAD to have... make the room so bright it's like using a computer outside on a sunny day. It's not working for me. During about 3 hours mid-day I can't see the screen on my monitor at all. I tell myself i probably use it too much anyway... just take those hours off and do something more productive. On the other hand, mid-day is my favorite blogging time. Don't want to move the computer. I guess we will buy curtain panels... semi-transparent..... and make curtains for them. Gosh i don't even have curtains on my horizontal windows!!! Well whatever must be will be..... they will be sort of like sunglasses for windows!

The room we moved the computers from is beginning to look a lot like the dining room it was intended to be. Everything is in place... it's a much better arrangement overall. All that is left to do is the piddling little stuff... you know... knickknacks and miscellaneous little things. Boring! Well, it's got to be done. The whole living space is just more liveable now! Gotta go... put away all the little things. Frank calls them details... i call them a pain in the BEhind!!! Well, maybe there's a rummage sale in my future. Wouldn't that be nice?

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