Google is a GREAT company! When they go public i'm buying! I have a website and a mission, as many of you know, relating to a group of ordinary citizens being bullied by the Michigan Department of Environmental Control (MDEQ). This group is a state department but many of their members are very extreme when it comes to environmental matters and have very good friends who belong to environmental extremist groups... you know, the ones that are always pressuring the government to make the world a better place for wild animals by making it a worse place for humans.

Anyway, the Tittabawassee River Voice has a photo blog to show old-timey stuff about our area. I was astounded to see the Google advertising...our nemesis! Not Google's fault, they try to make the ads meet the interests. I contacted them via their link at the site... yesterday. Today i see the obnoxious element is gone. Thank you Google! You've always been my favorite search engine and will continue so.

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