It's been a week and a half!!! That's how i feel this last week was... but perhaps that's because i ended up sick... well with a sore throat and even WORSE... laryngitis. Yesterday started with a dry, scratchy throat. Received a big complement in the TRV (Tittabawassee River Voice) email and ended up in a long phone conversation with the sender.

In the afternoon had another meeting with some of the TRV folks in preparation for getting a petition going to get DEQ (Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality) to revoke the designation 'facility' from our residential properties. They and their environmental extremist friends did it to get property owners involved in their long-term squabble with Dow Chemical. We don't like being the pawns and ... well, you know the story. We also plan a petition to make us exempt from property taxes as long as our property is called this name.

By dinner time last night i had a fever to go with the scratchy throat and the laryngitis took over. Got a lot of extra sleep and feel better today. Still can't talk and that's what i hate the most!

Oh yes! Today i started a photo blog for TRV. Our neighbor has lots of historical photos and i will put them on the internet as he sees fit. There will be more tomorrow. I find them fascinating. Will also occasionally show a modern photo of the area. like it? i do!

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